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Tao Tsuchiya & Kento Yamazaki – A heartbreaking yet warm story about youthful pure love, Orange (movie)

12313665_1178293002185267_40487257159859270_nOrange, the popular comic work made by Ichigo Takano will have its movie premiere on December 12, 2015. Tao Tsuchiya will play the role of Naho Takamiya, the heroine in the story who received a letter from her future and plans to change the destiny of the present as she got worried about it. And then, Kento Yamazaki will play the role of Kakeru Naruse, a transfer student who has a deep scar in his heart, and a guy who will become Naho’s love-interest. These two actors, who co-starred once again after the NHK Asadora ‘Mare’, talked about their thoughts towards this movie work.

“I hope that we will be able to convey the message ‘Cherish the present moment’ to the viewers.”

―― Tell us about your thoughts when you found out that you will once again be working together with the movie Orange after the NHK Asadora series Mare, where you played the role of a married couple.

When it was decided that I will play the role of Naho Takamiya in the live action movie, I once again looked at the cover page of the comics and thought “I wonder if Kento-kun will play the role of Kakeru?” I don’t know the reason why since it was just my intuition, but I always picture out Kento-kun in my head. Then the manager asked me, “Who do you think will play the role of Kakeru?” When I replied, “Will it be Kento-kun?”, he said, “That’s right! You’ll be working together once again.”

Yamazaki: Tao-chan has that kind of mysterious energy. LOL

Tsuchiya: Hehehe. Since the original work really has a great power, rather than making the original work into a live action, I strongly felt that the original work has called us instead. Therefore, being able to work once again for Orange after Mare, aside from being surprised, it felt like it’s not a coincidence and it made me happy.

Yamazaki: I was also really surprised at first. I did not think we’d be able to work once again immediately. It was decided while we still had work for Mare and it was difficult to picture it out at that time, but I think it’s a great thing that after playing the married couple in Mare, we’ll be playing another role as lovers. And it’s really not just a coincidence. I think it means something else.

Tsuchiya: Yes, that’s right. We raised children together in Mare, while we’ll get the feeling of pain as we lose important people to us in Orange. We want to work on it while actually feeling the importance of life.

―― From your role as a couple who say anything about each other in Mare, your role in Orange is exactly opposite as it involves not saying your feelings directly.
Tsuchiya: Yes. But I was not bewildered about it. When we were filming for Mare, we talked about things like “We can be high school students once again,” but for this movie, we were not able to talk about what we’re going to do. Each of us should completely think and join forces together during the filming.

Yamazaki: I also trust Tao-chan so I did not have any worries. When I read the original work from the start, I really thought that Tao-chan suits to play the role of Naho. Especially Naho’s kindness, when I think about it through other people, Tao-chan has that kind of personality.

Tsuchiya: (in a tiny voice) Thank you. Kento-kun can completely change a stuffed atmosphere. I think that’s certainly natural, so I think he is fated to play roles on works with significant messages. On the first day of filming, we filmed the scene where Kakeru (played by Yamazaki) transferred to another school, and when the classroom door opened and he entered the room, it felt like, “Oh, it’s Kakeru.”

―― I think Kakeru and Naho’s relationship would become subtle when the future changes, but are there parts when both of you helped each other out?

Tsuchiya: There were really a lot of difficult scenes. Each words they utter have a heavy meaning. One word that Naho would utter might change something about Kakeru so that’s really scary, and it was very difficult to find what’s hidden in that word. Moreover, when I work on very painful scenes, my heart would gradually become heavy. In those times, he would cheer me up.

Yamazaki: No, it’s the other way around.

Tsuchiya: No, I would really get cheered up as well (LOL). I think you really helped me a lot. For example, there are times when I mutter my lines alone, then Kento-kun would suddenly call me and say, “All right, let’s try rehearsing one more time?” While I’m doing my best to think about my lines, Kento-kun would also do his best in thinking about his lines together. I wonder if that strength and deepness is connected to Kento-kun’s brilliance and delicate parts.

Yamazaki: That was quite a lot of compliment (LOL). I, too, think that I couldn’t live as Kakeru if Tao-chan is not the one who played the role of Naho. But since Tao-chan plays the role of Naho, I felt relieved and even better, so it was a really great help. Personally, there are times when I couldn’t see what’s happening around me as I work on dark and heavy scenes. In those times, Tao-chan would say, “Just think about happy thoughts.” It really helped me a lot, and I felt our reliance and sense of security towards each other for a whole year that we’ve been working together. Then there were also times when she came to our filming location even though I was the only one filming.

Tsuchiya: At the latter part of the movie, there are many scenes where Kakeru feels more relieved. Then one day, I really felt worried about where Kakeru suddenly went to. I got worried that Kakeru might die during the scene where he rides on a bicycle as he went down the hill, so I unconsciously went to the filming location at 12:00 midnight.

Yamazaki: Tao-chan did not have a filming schedule on that day, but she came to see me.

Tsuchiya: I’m sorry about that. (LOL) However, I was able to feel Kakeru’s presence at that time, so I’m glad that he’s alive above anything else.

―― How did you feel when you watched the final movie output? I cried during the scene of the selection of players for the athletic festival relay.

Tsuchiya: I’m happy.

Yamazaki: I also cried a lot when I watched the live action version. It made me realize that we should treasure our friends, and think about everything together as we take action. I think this is a very amazing friendship. I cried on the part where everyone was thinking about Kakeru.

Tsuchiya: I couldn’t keep calm when I watched the first part. Instead, I was only able to think about my reflections. Kurumin (Kurumi Shimizu) told me, “You think too much on your hear!” (LOL) But instead of just ‘acting,’ it really expressed that the characters ‘exist.’ Through the support of everyone around me, I think I was able to live as Naho-chan!

―― Aside from the value of life and the importance of thinking about other people, this story is also about changing the present to change the future through a letter. What do you think about your own future?

Yamazaki: Our future will depend on how we live now, so I think I want to do my very best for now. Right now, I’m slamming into the wall…

―― What kind of wall are you hitting yourself into?

Yamazaki: There are various themes in the original works, and there are different kinds of lives. I’m getting confused as to what I’m really feeling because there are many things that I have to convey, and how I will be able to express it while thinking about a lot of things. I don’t know what’s the right thing to do, but I just continue to do my best while being worrying and looking forward to what’s gonna happen while searching for those things.

Tsuchiya: Since I’m given this chance to start working as an actress, I encounter many different works. I, too, also have things that are becoming unclear as I face those challenges. There were times when I thought, “How did I say this line before?” and would become confused as things get mixed up. However, by valuing those works one by one, I think it is important to jive in with the directors and co-stars at that time from the main parts of those works. Therefore, I personally want to do more things such as reading more newspapers and books, or climbing a mountain. Aahh, I suddenly want to go to the beach. (LOL)

Yamazaki: Hahahahaha. I really met many people this year. These important encounters are becoming my source of encouragement.

Tsuchiya: When I worked for Mare, I was told not to be impatient. They said, “You can’t do everything in your 20th year, so just do your best to focus on one scene at a time.” There are times that I get impatient about it, and I think that I will have more encounters hereafter. Therefore, I’m going to value what I’m currently here for while taking note of not getting impatient.

―― There are many teenage readers of Deview. Do you have any advice to them about what they should do while they are still teens?

Yamazaki: You will meet and go separate ways with many people. Therefore even though it is difficult, I think that it’s better to do your best at it when you’re on that moment. Even though you’ll stop doing those things, they might also become your motivation to your next work. So I think that it is important to do your best in full throttle while you’re working at it.

Tsuchiya: As teenagers, I think that even though you’re having a hard time in school and living with groups, you can only live those kinds of days right now. Just value living for now without thinking that you want to get along with others or do things perfectly.

―― How did you spend your days as teenagers?

Yamazaki: I was into soccer until my third year in junior high. After school, I would immediately go home, wear my jersey, ride on my bicycle and go play soccer. Most of my memories only involve soccer, but I have no regrets!

Tsuchiya: That’s great. (LOL) I also reflected on many things but I think I don’t have regrets. As for my work, I could only do my best energetically. I think if you’re not gonna work hard for it, nothing will change. I think there are people who would change through fortune, fate and timings, as for me, I did not have any settled works until I started working for Mare. When I was filming for Hanako to Anne, I had no other settled projects at that time, so I always thought “I should give my very best at this moment!” I think it would be great that the lesson, “Take time in valuing the life you’re living now,” will be conveyed to you through Orange.


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